22 Nov 2010

Something you don't want to know.

怖いもの i'm scared of

お化け、お化け屋敷、怪談 ghost, haunted house, ghost story

苦手なもの i'm weak in

絶叫系の乗り物、船 roller coaster, boat

聞き飽きた言葉 i'm fed up with listening

タバコやめたら? you should quit smoking.
タバコやめたんだ!  I've quit smoking.

最近心の中で思う事 something in my mind recently

若いんだから動け! Move! Young ladies!

ちょっと心配な事 something worried about

検査結果聞きに行ってないなぁ。 still don't know the result of the gastrocamera.
剃り込み部分にずっとニキビみたいのがある。 He's got a pimple by his right eye for a month.

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