9 May 2009


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Still I can't believe about Kiyoshiro.

Last year, when I heard his cancer has spread to bones
I had a bad feeling but I also thought he would come back once again.
He was still 58 years old.
He was singing powerfully when he had a comeback concert last year.
I could imagine he performed even he gets old.

He was in various bands and collaborated many musicians.
My favorite his band was The Timers.

I knew The Timers at first when I was in a high school.
My world history teacher in a cram school told me about it
then I bought a CD and liked right away.
Their songs and lyrics are so cool.

During every one was studying for an examination
I was listening to The Timers again and again.

I wanted him to sing and rock 30 more years.
I still can't feel actually about his death.
There are some things I can't understand in the world.
Now I even can't remember how I have overcome
when I runs up against those things.
Maybe the best way is "Time"
but even time passes, it's hard to take out a feeling of loss for death.

Perhaps there is a very happy world in the place called "Heaven"
and he is shouting and playing with other legends of rock stars.
there might be the world where you can live with smile, happiness and soul
without money, the gap between rich and poor, distance of countries,
barrier of language, hate, emptiness and conflicts.

He has now been released from pain and sufferings
so I want him to take his time and make himself comfortable
then sing again with a guitar in his hands.

Remember you....

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